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Photographing Latex

I have never worked with latex fashion, but I was certainly intrigued when I saw some of Lee's photoshoots. Photographing shiny textures is challenging because shine creates hot spots, where the information is lost because that area is overexposed or "blown out." Some hot spots are fine, but you have to think of them like shadows. Where are these hot spots showing and does it work for the image?

Since I've been working on my tarot deck, I thought Lee's red latex outfit would be ideal for the Devil card. Since the shoot went rather smoothly, I was able to take some additional photos with accessories he brought with him. One very important advice I have for photographers working with latex models is to make sure they have enough water at the photoshoot. Latex creates a lot of heat, and Lee lost a bunch of water just in the hour we worked together. You don't want your model to pass out or become severely dehydrated, so keep that in mind when you're working with latex on a photoshoot.


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